JR helped Amalgamated Bank launch a specifically targeted eco-friendly investment fund. We created a unique position and name that immediately grabbed attention and got incredible results. Read more.

We were asked to help the Comcast Marketing Group bring their Xfinity Home visual brand experience to life. Our photography teams were up to the challenge and got right to work. Read more.

JR engaged employees and trade partners throughout the world by keeping training and messaging consistent and comprehensive. By creating an efficient and effective eLearning experience, JR helped keep brand messaging clear and confident across the globe. Read more.

We promoted Elmer's Glue as the must-have glue when the slime-making wave hit. We quickly created a strong campaign to get in early on the fun slime trend and the results were incredible. Read more.

JR loves getting real-life feedback from real consumers when we have a new product to launch. By using our IHUT process we can blend technology, creativity, and learning to align products with consumer expectations and improve product desirability. Read more.

We created custom-crafted holiday promotions for a leading housewares manufacturer and paired them with precise digital management to stand out during the holidays and increase revenue! Read more.

JR helped the Mr. Coffee Brand Team find one unified brand voice by creating versatile and cohesive cross-product social content. And we did it through quick and cost-effective work. Read more.

We helped TraegerĀ® make the unboxing experience better than ever. We designed product instructions and online help videos that could be understood around the world. TraegerĀ® immediately saw fewer returned products and greater customer satisfaction. Read more.

JR honed our Virtual Live Studio to allow clients to supervise their photo/video shoots in real time, from wherever they happen to be. When everyone had to work from home, our Virtual Live Studio allowed clients to stay on schedule and stay in the loop. Read more.

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