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ST. JOSEPH, MICH., May 15, 2019—JohnsonRauhoff (JR), is preparing for the future by appointing leaders across technology, creative, and marketing. The Michigan-based agency believes these specializations will be vital to meeting their clients’ needs in an evolving marketplace.

“Nearly every day you hear about how AI systems are empowering technologies such as self-driving cars,” explained President, Mike Huie. “While adoption may still be in the distance for some, our agency is preparing now in order to be experts for our clients. As such, we have designated specialization areas in which we see a convergence that will be the future.”

During the course of just over a year, there have been three new additions to the JR team that will lead these areas of expertise.

Marino Pulhalj, Group Creative Director who joined JR in late 2017, will lead the creative focus of the agency. As an award-winning leader, he has navigated Fortune 500 brands through multimedia digital formats. With over 25 years of experience working with brands such as Kellogg's, Kimberly-Clark, and Sherwin-Williams, Pulhalj is known for his dynamic content and digital-first thinking.

Darrel Smith, Technology Director, will lead the tech approach for JR and elevate the team’s digital expertise. Smith joined the agency in late 2017 with 20+ years of experience, hundreds of system launches, and experience with a variety of clients including Heinz, Pfizer, and General Motors. His work helps clients stay at the forefront of digital content and delivery innovations.

Justin Southern, Account Director, will lead marketing. Joining JR in March from Google Chicago and previously OMD (Omnicom Group subsidiary), he brings nearly 20 years of experience in the advertising business with a deep background in digital, media strategy, and analytics. Southern has partnered with clients such as Walgreens, PetSmart, and DeVry.

The new team, under the leadership of President Mike Huie, is forming the agency of the future, where they see a need for continuous streams of content that are produced with speed and efficiency.

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Founded in 1969, JR is a strategic content agency that combines the strengths of a full-service agency with the added value and efficiency of an in-house studio. Strategic insights and innovative tech solutions fuel powerful creative work.

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