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Strategic insights and innovative digital solutions fuel impactful creative work—work that disrupts routines, ignites brand passion, and forges powerful connections that last.

Reinventing a
Luxury Lifestyle Brand

When Hatteras, one of the most iconic names in the yachting world, needed to update their image to maintain their premium reputation in the industry, JR delivered with an approach that showcased the power of storytelling through award-winning photography and video.

New Product Launch
Targeted Campaign

As part of a targeted branding and positioning strategy for Amalgamated Bank, JR developed a unique name for a new investment fund as well as messaging and creative. A targeted digital campaign strategically placed content across the web in addition to in-branch advertising materials.

Digital Media Strategy
48% Conversions Increase

Challenged to create a standout targeted digital campaign for Amalgamated Bank, JR developed social content, banner ads, an email blast, and a landing page. Through strategic media buying, programmatic, and SEO, the campaign resulted in a 3.5x CTR over the industry average.

Strategic Global Content
1 Million Bottles Sold

With just two weeks to plan and shoot, JR produced three videos in 6 languages, plus hundreds of photos to promote a slime recipe featuring Elmer’s Glue. The playful campaign sparked consumers’ imaginations with 1 million bottles sold within 24 hours of social media launch.

New Product Launch
Sold-out Retail Status

In a 360° campaign for School Zone’s new tablet, JR infused bright design and messaging across all touch points from packaging to website, creating excitement in kids and building trust with parents. The tablet achieved instant sold-out retail status and “Toy of the Year” nomination.

Cloud-based Solution
Increased Productivity

JR designed a new global information system for Whirlpool® service technicians. ServiceMatters.com and the ServiceMatters app are capable of searching over 100,000 documents in .07 seconds. Call center volume was reduced by 30% resulting in a better, more efficient experience for all.

Global Training Strategy
10,000+ Students Served

JR streamlined training for KitchenAid across 7 global regions and 25 languages. Master training guides, product and demonstration pocket guides, and an interactive eLearning initiative ensure consistent messaging worldwide while driving brand passion from within.

CGI Enhancement Capabilities
2000+ CGI-Enhanced Photos

JR creates lifestyle photos for Newell Brands featuring pre-production products using CAD files and photography. After scouting and shooting all environment photography, our CGI and imaging teams add their photo-realistic product renders in post-production for flawlessly realistic images.

Multi-platform Brand Cultivation
An Ownable Brand Essence

From photography and packaging to online cooking classes and video, JR helps kitchenware retailer Sur La Table create meaningful connections through brand identity work. This visual brand language helps us tell stories with soul, whetting consumers’ appetites for all things cooking.

New Product Launch
Promoting An Industry First

When Rubbermaid Commercial Products unveiled the industry’s first BPA-free commercial food service product line, JR led the print-to-digital launch with a clever, visually arresting ad campaign that drew attention across the industry and creating a new buzz around the brand.

Cross-product Social Content
One Unified Voice

Mr. Coffee needed help defining a brand voice across products while meeting crucial business goals. JR developed one cohesive social strategy, concepting and producing lifestyle photo, video, and copy across 3 content pillars, showcasing versatility while creating a distinct brand voice.

Trailblazing Creative
Shareable Content

When Sharpie was looking for a refresh, JR produced compelling, highly sharable imagery to reach new audiences. We turned everyday objects into a canvas for professional artists and consumers to express themselves. The use of influencers and digital spaces encouraged consumers to share.

Custom Crafted Holiday Promotions + Digital Management
250% Revenue Increase

JR’s seamless fusion of original creative content and digital management resulted in an impactful promotion for KitchenAid. This complete website takeover, combined with e-blasts and social media posts, saw a revenue increase of 250%, with order value up 45%, and overall orders up 164%.

Multi-purpose Videos
Consumer Education

To highlight the variety of potatoes for Potatoes USA, JR developed a series of videos from concepting stories and recipes to final production. Short social media videos drove traffic to the website where longer videos inspired consumers with recipes and educated with use and care tips.

Formula For

Real connections are made when smart strategy, fresh creative, and innovative technology come together. The combination of a full-service agency and an in-house studio create unparalleled efficiencies and oversight on every project.


Leveraging our agency talent and in-house studio, we drive results through creative problem solving.




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